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Our bodies are democratic and universal means of communication: they allow everyone to connect with the outside world regardless of any ability and form. Exploring the world using the sense of touch, to discover and explore the others only with the skin is a great adventure.

Is our gaze so universal, so democratic, so neutral? Are we capable to simply observe? What do we see in between the naked bodies that lean on and touch each other? Do we perhaps perceive hints of pleasure? And do we recognise pleasure as a universal right?

We are so attached to the concept of “normal” - in the sense of “norm”, that when it comes to aesthetics we are very reluctant to imagine, let alone accept, reality. However sexual drives, pleasure and the pursuit of pleasure are real, as well as our sweat, our bones, our skin, our flesh. Our bodies touching are real: the contact is real.

What’s the limit, what’s the barrier? Is it reality or our minds? Our imagination?

The performers closed their eyes with the purpose of taking by hand the audience and walking them through a journey of human, authentic and inclusive pleasure. The audience’s gaze will investigate and slide along the performers’ skin.

Who is able to feel pleasure?

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