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Born and raised in Livorno, graduated in Cinema and Multimedia Production at University of Pisa, she studied Photography at the International School of Photography APAB in Florence.

Since 2012, she has been constantly dedicating herself to this language.

In 2016, she was selected among the 9 photographers for Fotofactory, a TV programe promoted by Modena Photography Foundation and Sky Arte HD.

Her personal research, constantly evolving, starts from the individual, their identity and the human condition.

She started her activity when she was a member of Mayor Von Frinzius, an inclusive theatre company, directed by Lamberto Giannini. Her professional research evolves in parallel with the world of disability, as her interest is closely linked to mental health and psychological discomfort related themes.

She is actually joining the master in Contemporary photography with Mustafa Sabbagh at Spazio Labo, Bologna.




2023 Master in Fotografia contemporanea con Mustafa Sabbagh

2016 Workshop con Giovanni Troilo presso Fondazione Fotografia Modena

2015  Residenza Artistica per progetto Sac, Arte Natura e Territorio in collaborazione con Museo Pino Pascali 

2015  Foto Factory  Fondazione fotografia Modena e Sky Arte




2023  Finalista Premio Nocivelli 2023

2023  Finalista Perimetro Award 2023

2023  Finalista ISPF 2023

2022  Free Down Syndrome , Colorno Photo Life

2021  Vincitrice dell'Open call Legacy della Biennale della Fotografia Femminile

2021  Premio nazionale  Musa donne fotografe_ Prima classificata sezione Ritratto 

2021  Premio giovane talento Italy Photo award

2021  Phest : Reunion Calling

2020  Cheap Festival

2016  Chunk2 a cura di Team Caef presso la sala S.Fillippo,Brescia

2016  ImagOrbetello 

2016 Premio Combat, mention


2023 Mostra dei Finalisti del Premio Nocivelli

2023  A Man’s World a cura di Laura Tota, Liquida Photofestival 

2023 Santissime , Galerie de Genie de la Bastille, Parigi

2023 Mimesis , Galerie Territoires Portages, Marsiglia

2022  Free Down Syndrome , Colorno Photo Life

2022  Free Down Syndrome , Biennale della Fotografia Femminile, Mantova

2021  Phest : Reunion Calling

2019  Project Room, Mercemarcia

2017  Emersioni a cura di Francesco Levy

2016  NOVE Setup+ art Fair Bologna.

2016  Chunk2 a cura di Team Caef presso la sala S.Fillippo,Brescia


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